Braided headbands

I actually made these awhile ago..but haven’t gotten around to posting them. They are super easy to make, and only take a few strips of an old T-shirt. After I made them I saw one in Target for $10!!  These are free (because I know everyone has old T-shirts laying around!) and are good for adults (hold back hair while washing face etc) and kids. I also used them for a costume–Ella wanted to be Pocahontas for a literary/Historical figure  dress up day at school,  so I made a long black braid and attached it to a headband for her. She loved it…and in fact has used in a few times in the last few days for dress up. Sorry I don’t have very good pictures, but  the instructions are from Make it and Love it, and can be found here with lots of cute pictures!!

Just FYI, Carter was supposed to be John Adams🙂

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