Headbands, and other girly things

I now help plan the monthly meetings for the women at church. It has been a fun thing for me–although it seems like it never ends!!  I miss my former primary calling sometimes! A few months ago, we had a class on wool felt flowers..and I made a ton–but haven’t taken pictures of any of them. My favorite was a larger flower that I used on my Spring wreath.  A few others can be found here and here.  In the midst of all of that, I decided to make some headbands as well, using fabric.  I have revamped several skirts for Ella from thrifted women’s skirts (for her birthday), and had some extra fabric left over..so I made this hair crazy for her:

The white flower is a rolled felt rose–from this tutorial at the Purl Bee; the 2 fabric roses are from the leftover material for Ella’s skirt–one of them I finished with a rolled hem, the other, I just gathered, and hid the raw edge on the inside of the flower.  To make the flower I folded the fabric strip in half, and then in half again, then kind of rolled it into a rosette and smooshed it with my hot iron. Technical, I know.  Ella loves her skirt made out of the red material–it is made from a girls sundress that I chopped the top off of, and then attached a new elastic waistband. It was fast and easy, and the skirt is really twirly, so Ella loves it.  This other headband was made based on this tutorial. She uses pipe cleaners to shape the fabric, so they have a bit more body than the rolled knit flowers that you glue together with Fabri-Tac.  I used all knit materials–mostly old T-shirt scraps to make this one.

Her dress is one that I reworked from a woman’s tube top dress. I made flutter sleeves..and then (not pictured) added a shirred brown portion to the top.  She loves it (again) because it is full and twirly, but it is a bit long. So , I think after all that I will chop off the top and make it into a skirt for her…someday.

p.s. Lest you think Ella is my favorite child and I never make anything for anyone else, I subscribe to the notion that if I make it for Ella., then eventually all the other girls can wear it too🙂

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