Lollipop/Heart Cookie pops

Sorry for the deluge of posts, but I’m on a roll, and these were so fun, I have to share.  The girls had a blast with these and hung in there through the whole process.  I made the dough and tinted it the night before.  The directions said to use paste colors, but I used regular gel

Rolling the cookie snakes

food coloring because that is what I had on hand. It was a little messy, trying to incorporate it into the dough, and the purple came out as more of a red/blue/purple tie-dye, but it looked cool in the end.  The purple tie-dye ball actually looked like a geode as I cut into it.  Once the balls of colored dough were chilled, I cut them into thick slices and then separated them into small balls–which I then chilled again.   After an hour or so, I gathered the girls and we began creating.  I told them to grab 4 balls of whatever colors they wanted a form them into a ball–try to tell them not to merge the colors too much. Then I had them roll it into a long, uniform snake. They loved this the dough acted

Cookie pops pre-baking

like playdough (but they could eat it!!)  Then I had them coil it up and place it on the cookie sheet. Then I inserted a lollipop stick (I cut mine in half with kitchen shears), and we formed some of the circles into heart shapes. They were so much fun to make, pretty to look at and yummy to boot.  Clara loved holding the stick and chomping down her cookie.  She would eat a whole one, no problem and quickly clamor for another.  You can find the recipe and instructions here, at Amanda’s Cookin’.

Love those cookie pops!

**One note: you  may want to leave half of the dough balls in the refrigerator so they stay chilled until you are ready for them..the dough tends to be easier to work with when it is chilled.

Yum, mom!

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