Wipes Box(es) turned Burlap Storage Bin(s)

Since we don’t have any toy/book storage for our kitchen/eating area, I have been looking for something that will slide under the bench against the wall.  Anything you can buy is pricey and won’t hold up to small children climbing in and out of them.  I saw this post a while ago, where she took a wipes box and covered it in burlap for storage. I had some burlap laying around from the thrift store, old Huggies wipes boxes, white spray paint, a glue gun and extra fabric to make liners.  She actually had a liner “hanging around” that fit her box.  I wasn’t so lucky, so I found a tutorial on how to make your own custom-sized liner.  If anyone would like the dimensions I used for the liner(this would fit a large Huggies wipes box–the kind from Costco), let me know and I can post it later–to make your own to fit your box/basket go here.   If you want to cover your own box with burlap, the tutorial can be

found here.  I did not tape my sides up, but folded them into the box and then hot glued them down to the side. This made the box extra-sturdy and baby-climbing proof.  You could also trim an inch off the dimensions she gave you–I don’t think you need that much to fold over the top and bottom.  Make sure you paint the box!!! This is is definite must.  Also, I did not cut out the box handles, just taped over them with duct tape on the inside, and then painted the box.  I also reinforced the seams of the box with duct tape and cut stiff craft felt to cover the bottom to protect the floors and finish it off.  They work really well  (someone I know loves to climb inside them and hang out)  and most importantly help keep the kitchen less cluttered!

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