Robot “Chips”

These were created about 2 weeks ago..and I am just now getting to them. So I’ll be brief. These robots were crafted by the kiddos (and mom’s sewing machine) from a cheetos bag (one of my secret vices :)  Their inspiration came from the Frugal Family blog, and this post.  The mylar bag makes a great shiny aluminum base to which we added washers, beads and other assorted junk with a glue gun.  The head gear (antennae) are pipe cleaners that I folded in half and then stuck between the front and the back of the robot prior to sewing.  I had the kids create their


Robot Prototypes (Ella's on left, Carter's on right)


own robot, which I then used as a template and cut from the cheetos bag (which had been washed and inverted.) I sewed the 2 sides together with a zig-zag stitch and let them go to town decorating them.  While I sewed, they colored their robot templates..which also turned out really cute.  One fun thing we discovered: the washers used on the robots could be picked up by our fishing pole (created here), and swung around to simulate flying.  They really got a kick out of that.  So…get saving


Friendly Robots


those bags (one of the many things I have saved that Erick looks at and asks “and we need that for???”).  We don’t have chips too often, but if it were up to Caroline we would have them for every meal! She loves tortilla chips and can often be heard chanting: “Chips!! Chips!!” Gotta love those 2 year olds.

One thought on “Robot “Chips”

  1. Rebekah Orton says:

    really cute. I’m glad to know you have at least one vice🙂 I love cheetos, too.

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