A Star Wars Halloween…the full cast :)

I didn’t get around to taking individual pictures of all the kids prior to Halloween..so we’ll have to settle for some last minute shots before they rushed out to trick-or-treat.DSC_6272-001

First up: Clara as R2-D2. For her costume I did a variation of the one seen here.  Instead of a one piece costume, I did a front and back on the top and connected them at the shoulders and sides with ribbon. DSC_6269-001Then for the skirt, I made a circle skirt (reversible) and bound with bias tape. The accents are felt and fabric sewn on by machine.  It was twirly and girly, but still R2-D2…so she loved it!   I had all the fabric/notions except for the bias tape…so the costume came in at around 1 dollar! Yea!DSC_6251-001Next we have Ella, as Yoda.  I made her the bear hat from the book Little things to Sew, drafted some Yoda style ears, and then sewed them into the seam towards the back of the hat.  Before I sewed them in, I also sewed some pipe cleaners around the perimeter of  the ear to give them shape and help them stick out. They are hard to see in the pictures (because they are all from the side), but they were definitely yodaesque.DSC_6278-001 The hooded cape was made from the Melly Sews free Robe pattern, that I altered, lengthened and added a hood to.  It will be useful for many costumes in the future I think… Ella’s costume cost nothing to make…as I used things I already had on hand.DSC_6274-001

Caroline was Princess Leia (of course).  Her hair kind of cemented that role for her. Although I did cut it at the beginning of the school year, so I was unsure if I would be able to get it to stay. It worked great (tons of bobby pins can hold anything!).  DSC_6276-001She wore a tunic that I had made last year, a 25 cent belt find and some tan pants and boots.  Her costume cost 25 cents total:)DSC_6256-001

Carter was Han Solo…and he looked awesome (and apparently has the attitude to fit the costume in this photo!). It was a fairly easy costume to put together, but looked so cool!! I think Erick’s contribution (the belt and holster..even without a gun) made the costume.  He used a 25 cent thrift store belt and some leather scraps I had (along with a needle and thread) to create it.  I altered a shirt he already had (just cut a v in the shirt and added a simple facing), and then made a quick vest using another Oliver and s pattern..The Explorer Vest from the book Little Things to sew. DSC_6257-001 I made the most simple version–thrifted black fleece with no lining, no closures and simple patch pockets.  It was perfect though, and only cost about 50 cents and 15 minutes to make. HIs pants were school pants with red electrical tape down the side.  The tape was the most expensive part…running us $3…but we only used a tiny bit, so I guess we have some if we ever need it in the future:) As seen in other posts, Will was C3PO and Luke was Luke Skywalker. Here’s a picture of Luke on the big night. I made him a little pilot cap (Sweet Pea Pilot cap free pattern)in case it was cold. Not too cold, but nice to have to keep him warm and cozy!DSC_6263-001Erick was Darth Vader and I was Padme… but we really don’t count, so I won’t go into details about these costumes:) Here is a group photo…unfortunately we only have one that mostly everyone is looking up in–and Will happens to be playing with a sucker in it and is half-hidden by a not-so-happy looking Clara. Oh well:) DSC_6287-001We had fun…got lots of candy…and great weather(unlike the snow that is falling as I type this!!). Can’t ask for much more!

A Star Wars Halloween Installment 2: Luke Skywalker

DSC_6121-001 It was pretty challenging to get good pictures of this wiggly 7 month old!  I had to try and have the two year old help hold him up …so this was the best I could get! DSC_6101-001The rest had to be either on the ground or sitting up, so you can’t see the tunic very well. And the faces…well, he is always smiling, until we try and snap a picture.  That darn camera wipes that smile away every time! Anyway, back to the costume.DSC_6128-001 His tunic is made from a linen mystery fabric (thrifted from who knows when) using the baby Kimono PJ’s pattern from Amy Butler’s book “Little Stitches for Little Ones”. I sewed up the 6-9 month size and the fit was perfect–I also made my own bias tape out of the linen fabric and chose to use the same linen for the contrast band. So, a pretty neutral shirt, but perfect for Luke!DSC_6111-001 I already had some brown legging type knit pants that worked perfectly with the shirt. Pair that with some brown crocheted booties (that I made a few years ago) and a newly crocheted light saber…DSC_6117-001and you have yourself a costume!

Luke…always on the move

DSC_6019What a sweet boy, our little Luke is.  Really, he is the most good-natured kid. Always smiling and happy to see anyone! He is such an inquisitive little fellow(7 months now)–so curious in fact, that I am really worried about when he starts to crawl. He can already wriggle his way out of the Bumbo, sits straight up in the bouncy seat and LOVES to be on the ground.  He used to just turn in circles using his hands, but now his favorite trick is to get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  Now, while he isn’t crawling full force yet, he can move forward…and I fear the crawling will come any day! Will really never crawled much at all, and didn’t walk until after he was well over a year old…so this is a bit soon for me. Especially for my last one.  Luke, you are growing up too fast!!DSC_6016

A Star Wars Halloween Installment 1: C-3PO

DSC_6095-001Note: my costume making happened to coincide with Kids Clothes week.  And, although I confess I made these costumes last week, I will still be sewing an hour a day to fulfill my sewing obligation (ha ha!).

After my last baby was born in March..and we named him Luke, the kids decided we HAD to do Star Wars (as a family) for Halloween this year.  I realized this meant I would be sewing at least 6 costumes for my kids alone..but we decided to go for it.

He is covering his eyes and saying

He is covering his eyes and saying “Oh Dear, Oh Dear…” in true C-3PO fashion

First up is Will (because he is home with me and is easily bribed for photos with M&M’s :).  He is C-3PO, but we just call it his robot costume so he will put it on! DSC_6087-003I started with a Bimaa Hoodie, size 4 in everything but the length of the bodice and arms (those are size 3).  I then altered the front bodice to mimic the wires that show through around the mid-section of C-3PO. DSC_6068-001I used black knit for this area, and drew on the electrical wires with puffy paint.  It worked out great…although it would have been a bear to sew without my serger!! That spandex is tricky stuff, but it was SO perfect for the costume I couldn’t pass it up. DSC_6071-001 The pants are made from the Mini Hudson pants pattern, and are so comfy for him. I made them per the pattern except I omitted the drawstring and only sewed the elastic down in 4 places instead of around the entire waistband. DSC_6044-001 The fit is perfect though, so I may have to sew him some more that have less of a  70’s flashy-loungewear vibe :) Stay tuned for R2-D2, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Yoda and Luke Skywalker!

Last Week of Summer

DSC_5536-001 We had quite the whirlwind end-of-summer blitz this year! Our kids didn’t start until after Labor Day (unlike the rest of the US it seems…), so we had a few more days to cram in some fun. IMG_20150903_120205 We got all our entries in for the fair…99 to be exact.  I never submitted anything to the fair when I was younger, but Erick did.  He was the instigator behind the madness the first year we submitted things, and then I jumped on the bandwagon. IMG_20150830_095910 We’ve been hooked ever since! All the kids won tons of ribbons and about $12 each; I submitted a lot too, mainly sewing projects, but also a few cooking entries.  IMG_20150903_120153This was the first year I had tried entering any of the contests, and while my pumpkin pie didn’t win (although Erick said half of mine was gone, while only a sliver was gone from the pecan-laden winner :)), I did win $25 and first place for bagels!! It was my first time making them, and they were quite tasty, especially hot out of the oven (did you know you have boil bagels in sugar water before you bake them??).  Anyway, we hauled in about $125, so we were all happy! DSC_5496-001 After the fair craziness died down, we decided to travel up to Sun Valley with Erick for a day–he worked while we played at an awesome park, and then we all went to the Y there.  It is SO much better than the one here, with a huge slide and a lazy river.  Caroline and Carter pretty much did the slide for 3 hours! It was a fun day..we drove home, and then turned around the next day and went up to Red Fish Lake by Stanley,ID. DSC_5490-001 SO beautiful, especially without all the people.  DSC_5506-001It was much less crowded since most of the schools had started…but it was rather windy, so a little cold in the water.DSC_5508-001  But we had a great time anyway, played in the sand and water and took the kayaks/paddleboard for a spin.  DSC_5572-001DSC_5619-001The wind made for rough going, but luckily it is so shallow so far out that I could take the little ones on the paddleboard with me. DSC_5635-001DSC_5625-001DSC_5542-001DSC_5537-001DSC_5487-001 Thursday was fair day, and Carters first CC meet…so that was busy as well.  Actually…it still hasn’t slowed down at all!  Welcome to the new school year and fall sports, I guess:)

Building a house…

Many of you know we have started the long, and I’m sure stressful…journey towards building a house.  DSC_5484The lot is 2.5 acres on the Snake River and is so quiet and beautiful.  On Saturday we were out at the lot trying to dig up fence posts that (of course) were embedded in concrete.  We needed to make a entry point for all the trucks/machinery through an already existing fence. Erick did most of the work, I will admit, but I tried!! The soil was really compacted and hard to get through–luckily a friend came with some kind of pole (that is often used for this purpose) and helped us get them out.  That took a large part of the afternoon, so it was around 4 before we started putting together the playset.  We got a great deal on one…but have had it in storage, and I really needed to free up the space.  So, we are letting it anchor the lot for now:) We got most of it put together, so at least it will give the kids something to do when we have to go and check on the house. IMG_20150905_181749 Since it was so late, I brought dinner out to the lot and we ate it in the trailer:) The kids thought it was the greatest!! Simple pleasures…or maybe they were just really hungry! Stay tuned for more pictures…word is they are supposed to start digging on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!IMG_20150905_181737

First Cross Country Meet

Carter decided to run Cross Country this fall as part of the Xavier Middle School Cross Country team. He was very excited and has worked hard. He had is first meet on Thursday this week in Hazelton. All of the middle school kids race against each other. So, Carter being in 6th grade runs against kids that are in 8th grade, as is obvious in the photo (Isn’t this picture hilarious – it is like David vs. Goliaths). He did well and finished 31st out of 95 kids over a distance of 1.55 miles and a time of 11:50.DSC_5670

Summer Update

I think this is the longest hiatus the blog has ever had.  This spring and summer has been so busy, I guess blogging and even sewing (gasp! :)) has taken a back seat.  We have been working and playing hard…and with 6 kids home all day, there just isn’t much time for anything else besides them :) Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pictures.  First up, Luke is 5 months now!! DSC_5127-001

He is enjoying rolling over and eating rice cereal (sporadically).  Erick snapped this picture of him in his bassinet….I think it may be time to transfer him to a crib and kick Will out and into a bunk bed with Carter. DSC_5163 Will and Clara both stayed in the bassinet until they were 10 months, so I’m not used to having one that needs a crib so soon!DSC_5158-001 He is an incredibly patient and happy baby who the kids Adore!! They are always willing to help with him, and it makes SUCH a huge difference! With such good helpers I can see how it wouldn’t be a big deal to have 7 or 8 kids…but with my veins/legs, I think we will keep it at 6 :)

DSC_5075-001We also got a fun set of Popsicle molds–the Zoku Freezer Pops Fish molds.   They are so cool. really.  I made some homemade fudge pops and the detail on them was amazing.  DSC_5080-001The pops were a hit too–recipe here from Cooking light. A note on the recipe: I used 1% milk, and they still turned out great, and the recipe made a LOT. So I was able to make 3 rounds of pops (18) from one recipe.  Anyway, the kids all loved them. DSC_5119-001 We have also tried strawberry lime…and next up is key lime pie pops.  The molds are fairly small, but perfect for kids.  But, since there are only six, we also got a set of the classic molds that are more adult sized.  DSC_5097-001The molds are great and I would highly recommend them!! We got ours on sale using a coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love the picture of Will–that face is the essence of summer. DSC_5156-001 Nothing better than a popsicle stained face at the end of a long, hot day!  Will is doing great also.  He has a bit of a speech delay, but has been doing great the last few months.  He is saying tons of words and is also using them in sentences…so we couldn’t be happier!! He is a sweetheart, but is a little spoiled by his siblings:)

DSC_5248-002Last up, a few shots of the kids and one family shot.  DSC_5196-001Clara has a bit of a squinty face in the family shot, so I think Erick may try to switch out her face for a smiley one.  Not bad though for another round of pics using the tripod and the remote!! My favorites are the ones of the kids–I am so grateful for them and the great little people that they are becoming!DSC_5171-001